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Whatersname she sees the image

a little bit longer and ill be fine

Everything happens for a reason
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    If you see anything that is urs and u are not credit comment and ill add u happily i tend to forget where i get them :):)

    Danika 20
    Teen wolf freak
    Shy, funny and love to make new friends
    I am starting to reconnect with the livejournal world again :)
    Feel free to add me but beware im not intresting and sometimes i odd and just ramble

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  • whatsername_gd

    ♥ I want to be kissed so hard
    that it hurts My lips
    and so softly
    that it hurts My heart...
    I want to be held so tightly
    that I can't beathe
    and so tenderly
    that it takes My breath away...♥

    I dont come with dice, so DON'T PLAY ME...

    I'm the girl who you can't quiet remember where you first saw me
    You can't forget me all together
    I'll haunt the corners of your mind...

    || ..s.e.c.r.e.t.. ||
    || ..e.s.c.a.p.e.. ||
    || ..v.i.s.u.a.l.i.z.e.. ||
    || ..w.h.i.s.p.e.r.. ||
    || ..pa.i.n.. ||
    || ..d.r.e.a.m.. ||
    || ..s.e.d.i.c.e.. ||
    || ..r.e.a.l.i.t.y.. ||
    || ..t.r.u.t.h.. ||
    || ..p.a.t.i.e.n.c.e.. ||

    .x. Love.is.an.adventure...Explore.it .x.
    .x. Love.is.a.lifestyle...Live.it .x.
    .x. Love.is.a.struggle...Face.it .x.
    .x. Love.is.a.puzzle...Solve.it .x.
    .x. Love.is.a.gift...Accept.it .x.
    .x. Love.is.a.game...Play.it .x.
    .x. Love.is.a.song...Sing.it .x.
    .x. Love.is.a.goal...Achieve.it .x.
    .x. Love.is.a.mystery...Unfold.it .x.
    .x. Love.is.a.fairytale...Dream.it .x.
    .x. Love.is.a.mission...Fulfill.it .x.

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